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About Ltd, School Book Suppliers

School book suppliers Ltd are committed to a simple philosophy: that good educational books are an integral part of children’s personal awareness and educational development. We work hard to bring books to life and to support literacy and arts far beyond our remit as a one-stop bookseller and resource for teachers.

School book suppliers Ltd was established in 1996 to address various problems that face all schools and parents. We realised that school and classroom commitments mean that it is difficult for teachers to find the time to see representatives from all the major publishers, apart from this the needs of schools and individual pupils can vary enormously.

From an early age children are vulnerable to what can be the negative effects of the media; advertising, television and films often tend to work on the principle that all children have the same needs. Visits by the authors and creative workshops offer a healthy, active and positive antidote to this idea, helping to teach children something a little more fundamental and helping them realise that reading can be fun, that a different world lies within the pages of a book.

As school book suppliers our aim is to offer a wide choice of books and resources from all relevant publishers and to offer expert and impartial advice on choosing them. In addition to supplying books we also have other great, fun ways of promoting them!

At we celebrate words and the ability to communicate, either through the printed word or the spoken word, by working with schools, teachers and parents to help to improve the resources of schools. This is in direct relation to our underlying objectives: bringing first class educational books and cultural services into the communities where access to them is limited.

We bring acclaimed children’s authors into schools, LEA’s and other educational organisations. We also arrange for storytellers, television and sports personalities as well as practising artists, who run creative workshops, to visit schools with a view to providing positive role models for children.

"Most businesses tend to be motivated by greater and greater profit margins, indeed the criteria for business success is usually measured in terms of profit alone. At Ltd we take a more holistic approach to our business objectives, and supporting children’s development and helping them to fulfil their potential is one of our primary motivations. Literacy issues are of paramount importance to us and our business philosophy is one of a commitment to make things better for people, and for children in particular. We feel that this ethical approach is how business success and failure should be perceived.

Accompanying the book bus into schools can be a humbling experience. The fascination that children display and the genuine enthusiasm with which they read and talk about books is something to behold. On the book bus they happily talk at length about books; why they like them, which stories they prefer and how they promise that they will keep reading books! For me personally there is no greater reward than this."

Eddie Burnett – Company Director