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History on Your Doorstep: Anglo-Saxon and Viking Britain Alex Woolf

Franklin Watts Ltd
Paperback / softback 32 pages

262 x 135 x 5mm
26th Jul 2012
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History on Your Doorstep
British Isles
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Much of the evidence we have of past times comes from the buildings people left behind. Their homes, villages and towns give us clues that help us find out about the way they lived. History On Your Doorstep explores different periods of British history through our building heritage.


Invaders and Settlers How Do We Know? Houses Inside the Home Pit Dwellings Framed Buildings Stone Buildings Churches Great Halls Farms and Settlements Fortified Towns Jorvik - a Viking Town Burial Sites Timeline Glossary Places to Visit Index


Alex Woolf studied history at Essex University, and has written and edited many 20th century history titles for young people.

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