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For You Are A Kenyan Child Kelly Cunnane

Simon & Schuster Childrens Books
Paperback / softback 40 pages

6th Jan 2011
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Imagine you live in a small Kenyan village, where the sun rises over tall trees filled with doves. When the rooster crows, it's time to wake up and after greeting Mama 'Hodi', you step into her hut for some porridge. Your task today is to watch over grandfather's cows. But while they are grazing you slip away, just for a second, to see who else is awake. First you meet Bashir, who gives you a hot pancake, then a black monkey chasing through the tree tops. You say hello to the village chief and eat a sweet bug. But wait, where are grandfather's cows? They're gone! Running as fast as you can you rush back to the hill and find grandfather on the path, with his beloved cows!With beautiful illustrations, this delightful story is the perfect introduction for little ones to life in a Kenyan village.


Kelly Cunnane lived in Africa for many years but now resides in Beals, Maine. This is her first book for children.

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