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Travelling Wild: Journey Along the Nile Sonya Newland

Wayland (Publishers) Ltd
Hardback 32 pages

257 x 192 x 3mm
11th Aug 2016
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Travelling Wild
Nile river
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Travelling Wild: Journey Along the Nile follows a traveller on a fictitious journey by boat up the world's longest river. It uses the information you would consider when planning a trip, such as the weather, climate, dangers and key sights, to present geographical information in a highly accessible and enjoyable way.Discover the countries the Nile traverses, the wildlife to watch out for, how the river is used, the environmental issues facing the Nile, how people live and farm on its banks, and much, much more. There is a survival aspect to the book, too, with boxes containing tips on how to fend off a crocodile attack, repel insects and make water safe to drink, among other things.Packed to the brim with colourful, exciting photographs, maps and fascinating facts, the book allows you to explore and discover the incredible River Nile without leaving your seat!


Sonya Newland is an experienced author of children's books. She specialises in geography.

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