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The Land and the People: India Susie Brooks

Wayland (Publishers) Ltd
Paperback / softback 32 pages

265 x 210 x 4mm
27th Nov 2014
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The Land and the People
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Unpack the history and culture of India - one of the world's most beautiful and interesting countries - with Unpacked: India.The book takes you on a journey through this incredible country, from its food to fashion and its art to sport. The bright, fun scrapbook design will engage children's attention and capture their interest, making the book the perfect introduction and travel guide.Explore India's rich history, from early civilizations in the Indus valley right up to the present day, and see how the country is becoming a high-tech powerhouse in the modern world.Meet some of India's most incredible wildlife, from holy elephants to colourful peacocks and fierce tigers.Discover the Indian passion for all things cricket, from Test Matches and One Day Internationals to matches played in back alleys and on beaches.See the contrasts that exist in India's amazing cities, from the ancient monuments and modern buildings of Delhi to Mumbai, where a dynamic business district sits alongside Dharavi, a slum of a million people.Explore India's diverse and interesting landscape - see beaches, swamps, mountains, deserts and rainforests along the way, and learn how India's agricultural population makes a living from the land.Read all about delicious Indian food, from curries and spices to sweet treats such as kulfi, and discover how thousands of Indians get their lunch delivered in tiffin boxes every day.Learn about the importance of the Ganges River to India, and the role it plays in the farming, industrial and religious life of millions of Indian people.Discover the glamour of Bollywood and the India film industry, plus music and dance that's guaranteed to get you moving!Unpacked: India is packed full of fun, quirky facts and interesting information, perfect for children aged 9 and above. Whether you're planning a trip, or just interested in the country, this is the guide for you!India is just one of the world's most fascinating countries. Why not unpack Australia, Brazil, France, Italy, Portugal, South Africa or Spain in other titles in the series?


Susie Brooks is an experienced writer and editor of children's books. In her spare time, she loves to travel and explore new places!

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