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History Relived: The Anglo-Saxons and Vikings Cath Senker

Wayland (Publishers) Ltd
Paperback / softback 32 pages

268 x 224 x 3mm
11th Apr 2013
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History Relived
Northern Europe, Scandinavia
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Important historical themes such as family life, entertainment and work are illustrated by fascinating and relevant photographs.


Raiders and Settlers A Viking Town Craftspeople and Traders Houses and Homes Village Life Clothes Food and Cooking Feasts Telling Tales Law and Order War Religion Timeline Glossary Activities Find out More Index


Cath Senker is a children's non-fiction writer who specialises in writing about modern history, global issues and world religions. Her latest history titles include Living Through the Vietnam War (Raintree, 2011), Our World Divided: Israel and the Middle East (Wayland, 2011) and A Cultural History of Women in America: Women Claim the Vote (Bailey Publishing, 2011). She has a particular interest in the topics of migration, refugees and racism and recently wrote Mapping Global Issues: Immigrants and Refugees (Arcturus, 2011). In her work, Cath aims to highlight individuals' experiences and to present different viewpoints in a non-judgemental way as a basis for discussion.Cath also works as a project manager and editor on non-fiction titles for both children and adults. Before embarking on a freelance career, she worked as a commissioning editor for a children's educational publishing company for eight years. She is also an experienced ESOL teacher.Cath volunteers with City Reads, a project that aims to widen the enjoyment of books and reading among people of all ages, especially people from disadvantaged communities. She is a also a keen amateur cyclist, cook and gardener.

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