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Popcorn: Where I Live: By the Seaside Honor Head

Wayland (Publishers) Ltd
Paperback / softback 24 pages

225 x 193 x 4mm
8th Mar 2012
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Popcorn: Where I Live
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A colourful introduction for young readers to the seaside. The young boy, Alex, tells us all about his home town at the seaside and the things in his local area such as his school, what he does after school, going to the seafront and the beach, what he does at the weekend, the different jobs people do there, different sorts of shops that are at in seaside towns and how people get about.Includes a picture quiz and free downloadable worksheets.This book encourages children to think about the similarities and differences between the place where they live and where other people live.


The seaside My school After school On the seafront On the beach At the weekend Summer jobs Shopping Getting about Write your own holiday postcard


Honor Head is a highly experienced author of books for children.

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