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The History Detective Investigates: The Normans and the Battle of Hastings Philip Parker

Wayland (Publishers) Ltd
Paperback / softback 32 pages

259 x 214 x 6mm
10th May 2012
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History Detective Investigates
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Who were the Normans and why did they invade England? What was it like to fight in the Battle of Hastings? How did the battle change the history of Britain?THE HISTORY DETECTIVE INVESTIGATES helps children discover the answers to these and other fascinating questions by visiting Norman castles and churches, looking on the Internet and finding clues about the Norman and Anglo-Saxon rulers of the past.The detective shows how to:Create a project about England in the dramatic year 1066.Discover the Norman past in your area.Find out what has been discovered about the Normans - and the Anglo-Saxons who fought them.There are also mysteries and puzzles to solve as you follow the detective's trail back to the Norman world.


Who were the Normans? Who was Duke William of Normandy? Why did the Normans want to invade England? Who were the Anglo-Saxons? What was life like in the year 1066? What threats did the Anglo-Saxons face? What happened in the Battle of Hastings? What weapons were used in the battle? What does the Bayeux Tapestry tell us about the battle? What was England like under Norman rule? How did the Normans build great castles and cathedrals? What is left of Norman England today? Your project Glossary Answers Further Information Index


Philip Parker is a professional historian specialising in the ancient world.

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