Caring for Habitats Jen Green

Wayland (Publishers) Ltd
Paperback 32 pages

270 x 146 x 5mm
10th May 2012
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Environment Detective Investigates
For National Curriculum Key Stage 2
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What is a habitat? Why are habitats under threat? How can we help to take care of habitats? The Environment Detective Investigates helps you to answer these questions and many more about habitats. Find out about the different habitats on Earth, what harm pollution is doing to habitats and why they need our protection.


What are habitats? How do habitats work? Why are habitats important? Why are habitats under threat? How does pollution harm habitats? What is being done to take care of habitats? Why are woods and forests under threat? How is the open countryside at risk? Why are rivers nad wetlands in danger? Why do oceans and coasts need our protection? Why are remote habitats at risk? How can we help to take care of habitats? Your Project Glossary Answers Further information Index


Jen Green received a doctorate from the University of Sussex (Dept of English and American Studies) in 1982. She worked in publishing for 15 years and is now a full-time writer, who has written over 150 books for children. Her book 'Your Feelings: I'm Special' was short-listed for the NASEN Special Needs Award.

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