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Board Sports Isabel Thomas, Debbie Foy

Wayland (Publishers) Ltd
Hardback 32 pages

249 x 190 x 10mm
14th Jul 2011
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Radar: Street Sports
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The tricks, stunts, thrills and spills of boarding add up to a culture that is addictively cool. Make sure it's on your radar! Look inside to find a star story about skate legend Tony hawk, discover some awesome boarding tips during our 5-minute interview with a skate pro, and experience the exhilarating rush of mountainboarding! Are you on the radar?


All about: Love and skate! 5-minute interview: Geoff Else Why do it? Board mania Star story: Tony Hawk Feel it: The boarding buzz Show me: The ollie Zone in: Skate stunts Get the gear: Board style The lingo: Skate speak Real life story: Skater girl Big debate: Rad or bad? Show me: The kickflip Blog spot: James Johnson Pull a number: Get this! Fan club: No buts, get boarding!


Isabel Thomas is an experienced author of non-fiction books for children and has written many articles for national newspapers including The Guardian and The Times.

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