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Tudor Theatre Moira Butterfield

Franklin Watts Ltd
Hardback 32 pages

272 x 213 x 9mm
23rd Sep 2010
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Discover the Tudors
United Kingdom, Great Britain
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Suitable for Key Stage 2, Discover the Tudors: Tudor Theatre examines aspects of Tudor theatrical entertainment, including personalities such as Shakespeare, Johnson and Marlowe, theatre construction, the Globe and Rose theatres, staging plays and royal patronage. Discover the Tudors offers a look at key areas of Tudor history.


The first theatres Off to see a play Inside a theatre By Royal Command The theatre company Boys on stage The theatre crowd Props and costumes The plays William Shakespeare Shakespeare's rivals Danger! Banned! Glossary/Timeline/Websites


I have been writing for many years in a number of different genres, from books for babies up to books for 11 year-olds plus. I like to try new things and tackle new subjects, so I don't limit myself to one type of book. One month I might be writing about history, and the next month I might be creating an imaginary story. Examples of my work have been selected for national Key Stage study in the UK, and in the USA I was commended by the Library of Congress for my work in non-fiction, which they felt encouraged reluctant readers. I work with visuals always in mind, and love the challenge of getting across information or an exciting story with good graphics to back it up. Lately I have been blogging about the craft of writing, and I've also appeared at National Book Festivals, which I think of as the most challenging thing of all to do! I get a lot of emails from children around the world, inspired by one of my books they have read, and that gives me great pleasure.

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