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Mountains Jillian Powell

Franklin Watts Ltd
Hardback 32 pages

273 x 215 x 10mm
29th Oct 2009
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Our Earth in Action
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Each title of Our Earth in Action examines the Earth's physical processes and investigates the causes and effects thereof. From erupting volcanoes to eroding coasts and from extreme weather patterns to violent earthquakes, Our Earth in Action puts the reader at the centre of the action with fact-packed text, dramatic full-colour photos and explanatory diagrams.


About mountains Earth's structure Fold mountains Block mountains Volcanic mountains Mountain ranges Wearing down mountains Glaciers Mountain weather Mountain climates and zones Case study: The Himalayas Case study: The Andes Life in the mountains


Chris Oxlade, is an experienced writer of information books for children. He specializes in science and technology, and has written more than sixty titles, on subjects ranging from kites to virtual reality as well as books on various forms of transport.

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