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Where's My Teddy? Jez Alborough, Jez Alborough

Walker Books Ltd
Paperback / softback 32 pages

375 x 425 x 5mm
14th Apr 1994
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Eddy and the Bear
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A case of mistaken identity among teddy bears - and a phenomenal bestseller!Little Eddy loses his toy bear and has to go looking for him in the dark, horrible woods - where he's in for a gigantic surprise.


"Some people write children's books for their own children," says Jez Alborough. "But I don't have any children. I write for the child I was." And it's clear that he remembers the experience well. His rhythmic writing makes his books a joy to read aloud, while his bold, colourful style is fun and appealing and enormously popular with children. His hilarious picture book Where's My Teddy? together with its sequels It's the Bear! and My Friend Bear, have sold more than a million copies. Jez Alborough and his wife live in Richmond, Surrey.

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