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Planimal Magic Rebecca Lisle

A & C Black Publishers Ltd
Paperback / softback 96 pages

198 x 129 xmm
31st Oct 2003
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Black Cats
Interest age: from c 8 years
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While his mum recovers from cancer, Joe (and Bingo - the only psychic dog in England) stays with cousin Molly and her dad at the scientific research institute in the countryside. Early one morning, Joe hears a strange wailing sound - like an animal in distress. Molly hears it, too, and they trace it to the disused swimming pool at the back of the institute. However, there are no animals: the scientists are meant to be researching plants. Then Molly and Joe make an amazing discovery: a creature which is part-plant and part-animal. The Planimal can photosynthesise and make its own food. It's a mind-blowing discovery with huge implications for the scientific world. Some people, however, want to use the Planimal for their own selfish ends. Who are they, what do they want, and can Molly and Joe defeat them - and set the Planimal free?


Rebecca Lisle was born into a family of artists, and chose to study Biology instead. She developed a strong interest in plant life. One day, mashing up some leaves into a green sludge in the lab, a friend dared her to drink the potion. The idea for Planimal Magic was born! Rebecca's other books include the novel, Copper (Andersen Press) and re-tellings for Hodder Wayland.

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