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Never Use a Knife and Fork Neil Goddard, Nick Sharratt

Macmillan Children's Books
Paperback 32 pages

250 x 250mm
7th Mar 2008
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Hide spaghetti in your hair, Keep crisps in your underwear. This outrageous, tongue-in-cheek exploration of mealtime chaos will have children in stitches. Full of mischief and mess, it revels in the fun you can have with food. Squish it, slosh it, squirt it, squeeze it!


Neil Goddard works in education as a consultant in behaviour. In his spare time he also works with his partner, Elizabeth, on picture books, getting ideas from seeing children in action. They have three children aged between 7 and 26, and a young granddaughter. Neil describes NEVER USE A KNIFE AND FORK as "an affectionate response to the ingenuity of our children in avoiding any semblance of table manners". Nick Sharratt is one of the country's favourite children's illustrators, and has more than 100 books to his name. Food is one of Nick's favourite subjects, and his previous work for Macmillan includes CHOCOLATE MOUSSE FOR GREEDY GOOSE (978-1-4050-2190-6) and HIPPO HAS A HAT (978-1-4050-2192-0), both written by Julia Donaldson. He lives in Brighton with his partner, and works in a studio overlooking the sea.

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