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China's Terracotta Army Band 09/Gold Juliet Kerrigan, Collins Big Cat

Paperback / softback 24 pages

210 x 170 x 3mm
3rd Sep 2012
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Collins Big Cat
For National Curriculum Key Stage 1
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When the First Emperor of China died 2,000 years ago, he was buried in a giant tomb. In 1974, this tomb was discovered along with an army of over 6,000 terracotta warriors. Discover the army for yourself and the reason they were buried with the Emperor.* Gold/Band 9 fiction offers developing readers literary language and stories with distinctive characters.* Text type: An information book* Curriculum links: History: How are our toys different from those in the past; Art and Design: What is sculpture?


Juliet Kerrigan is a former history teacher. She has worked on a number of archaeological sites, and always hopes to find treasure! Juliet has travelled from caves in Spain to temples in the Lebanon in pursuit of her archaeological interests. She now lives in Sussex and has nine grandsons.

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