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Fire! Fire! Band 06/Orange Maureeen Haselhurst, Cliff Moon, Collins Big Cat

Paperback / softback 24 pages

170 x 210 x 2mm
5th Jan 2005
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Collins Big Cat
For National Curriculum Key Stage 1
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Filled with photos showing different methods of firefighting, this instruction book tells children how firefighting started and how it continues today. Stunning action photos show fires being tackled on land, at sea and from the air using a variety of equipment. There's even a glimpse of what firefighting might be like in the future.* Orange/ Band 6 books offer varied text and characters, with action sustained over several pages.* Text type - An information book.* A glossary and index are included on pages 22 and 23 to aid comprehension.* Curriculum links - Citizenship: People who help us; Geography: Where in the world is Barnaby Bear?* This book has been levelled for Reading Recovery.


Maureen Haselhurst has written many books for young children and regularly visits schools and libraries. She is based near Newcastle.

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