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Tracking Down: The Anglo-Saxons in Britain Moira Burretfield

Franklin Watts Ltd
Paperback / softback 32 pages

265 x 210 x 4mm
9th Jul 2013
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Tracking Down
United Kingdom, Great Britain
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Tracking Down the Anglo Saxons in Britain examines how the Anglo-Saxons affected Britain and looks at what evidence is available for us to see today. Fact-filled text and colourful photographs explain what life was like in Anglo-Saxon Britain, while 'Go Visit...' panels offer readers a chance to examine the clues for themselves. The books are perfect for readers aged 8+ who are studying the Anglo-Saxon era in Britain or the Battle of Hastings.It is part of a series of books, which take a look at archaeological, structural and museum evidence from around Britain, allowing readers to build up a picture of what life was like in key historical periods and showing how you can discover it for yourself by visiting sites around the country.


All about the Anglo-Saxons Anglo-Saxon people Last stand of the Brits Tomb of a king An ancient church Warriors rule A monk who made history A Saxon village A king in hiding A king's city One true king The last battle Glossary


Moira Butterfield is an experienced children's non-fiction author, with more than 100 books to her credit.Liz Gogerly is an experienced children's non-fiction author who has written many books on historical subjects.

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