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Early Reader: My Own Special Way Mithaa AlKhayyat, Maya Fidawi

Orion Children's Books
Paperback / softback 64 pages

197 x 126 x 6mm
1st Mar 2012
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Early Reader
Designed for home learning
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Hamda feels left out. She wants to be like her four sisters. One evening she makes a decision, and nobody can change her mind. She wants to wear the veil like her sisters. Each sister puts forward her own suggestion based on what worked for her. But it is up to Hamda to work out her own unique way to wear the veil making it a part of her active and happy life.


UAE born Maitha Al Khayat spent most of her childhood years in the US and UK. She first got hooked on books while in middle school in the UK and has never stopped reading or writing since.Maya Fidawi studied painting and sculpting at the faculty of art in the Lebanese university andgraduated in the year 2000. She has been illustrating ever since and has illustrated over 17books.Vivian French is the bestselling children's author of THE TIARA CLUB (Orchard Books). She has also written many picture books, fiction for younger readers and story collections.

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