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The Kick Off Dan Freedman

Paperback / softback 192 pages

205 x 144 x 13mm
5th Jul 2012
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Jamie Johnson
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An epic tale of dreaming big and chasing glory.Jamie's desperate to become Highwood School's star football player(and in his dreams, Hawkstone United's, too). But after hewrecks his chances at the trials, the pressure's on to prove himself.Dan Freedman is a hot new talent headed straight for thePremier League! He has great connections and insider knowledge -he works at the FA and lives with the England team when they're ontour."An inspiring read for all football fans" GARY LINEKER."Dan knows his football" OWEN HARGREAVES."You'll read this and want to get out there and play" STEVENGERRARD."If you like football, this book's for you" FRANK LAMPARD."Pure class - brings the game to life"OWEN COYLE.

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