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Planet in Peril: Tsunami Surges Cath Senker

Wayland (Publishers) Ltd
Hardback 32 pages

271 x 213 x 9mm
24th Apr 2014
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Planet in Peril
For National Curriculum Key Stage 2
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Extreme weather dominates news bulletins around the world. From tsunamis to superstorms, floods to wild fires, natural disasters affect people globally on a daily basis.Tsunamis, and their deadly consequences, have hit the headlines over the past decade as two enormous tsunami waves devastated first communities throughout southeast Asia in 2004, and then the coast of Japan in 2011. But why are these occurrences so difficult to predict? And what happens to the affected communities after disaster has struck?Planet in Peril: Tsunami Surges answers these questions and many more, including what tsunamis are, what causes them and how technology is helping people to prepare for them.The book looks at three of these natural disasters from recent years in detail: the Boxing Day Asian tsunami, sometimes referred to as tsunami 2004, the Chilean earthquake and tsunami of 2010 and the Japan tsunami of 2011.Comprehensive case studies cover when and where the tsunami wave struck, the immediate impact of the disaster, the long-term effects, the global aid efforts and the rebuilding and regeneration of affected communities.Eyewitness panels give firsthand accounts of the disaster from tsunami victims, emergency service personnel, aid workers and scientists working to combat the effects of natural disasters.Infographic elements display statistics about each tsunami in a clear, concise and visual way.Learn about the preparations made for tsunamis: what protective mechanisms and warning systems are in place, the emergency drills people must learn, and how communities are evacuated in the event of a disaster.Find out about the disaster recovery effort immediately after each event, how aid reaches affected areas, and where it comes from.See how communities fare in the immediate aftermath, how they cope with damage to infrastructure and homes, lack of basic necessities and, in some cases, the loss of friends or relatives. Then find out how they cope long-term, deal with the economic impact, and regenerate.Discover if climate change and global warming are increasing the impact of tsunamis, and how research is being done, and technology developed, to combat them. See how tsunami warning systems and evacuation drills can dramatically improve people's chances of survival, and learn about some natural solutions, such as mangrove forests, that lessen the force of tsunami waves.Planet in Peril: Tsunami Surges is ideal for children age 9+, for geography and science projects, or simply for anyone interested in finding out the background behind the 'extreme weather' news reports.Tsunamis are not the only natural disaster our planet faces, find out about superstorms, floods and wild fires in other titles in the series.


Cath Senker is a children's non-fiction writer who specialises in writing about modern history, global issues and world religions. Her latest history titles include Living Through the Vietnam War (Raintree, 2011), Our World Divided: Israel and the Middle East (Wayland, 2011) and A Cultural History of Women in America: Women Claim the Vote (Bailey Publishing, 2011). She has a particular interest in the topics of migration, refugees and racism and recently wrote Mapping Global Issues: Immigrants and Refugees (Arcturus, 2011). In her work, Cath aims to highlight individuals' experiences and to present different viewpoints in a non-judgemental way as a basis for discussion.Cath also works as a project manager and editor on non-fiction titles for both children and adults. Before embarking on a freelance career, she worked as a commissioning editor for a children's educational publishing company for eight years. She is also an experienced ESOL teacher.Cath volunteers with City Reads, a project that aims to widen the enjoyment of books and reading among people of all ages, especially people from disadvantaged communities. She is a also a keen amateur cyclist, cook and gardener.

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