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Ancient Egyptians Jen Green

Wayland (Publishers) Ltd
Hardback 32 pages

286 x 222 x 10mm
12th Jan 2012
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For National Curriculum Key Stage 2
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Gossip, scandal, badly behaved royals - if you thought that celebrity culture was a symptom of the 21st century, think again. This is an irreverent but fact-packed look at one of the most fascinating periods in history, with a colourful cast of celebrity characters and a keen awareness of what was 'on trend' and what was not (even after death).


Your Guide to the Ancient Egyptians What's on TV? Globe Trotters: Guide to Egypt Grand Designs Careers Guide What's in Your Fridge? Style File Celebrity Big Brother Makeover Mummy Meet the Pharaohs Problems Page Boy King Online Catalogue Glossary On the Web/Books Index


Jen Green received a doctorate from the University of Sussex (Dept of English and American Studies) in 1982. She worked in publishing for many years and is now a full-time writer, who has written more than 50 books for children.

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