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Men, Women and Children: In Anglo Saxon Times Jane Bingham

Wayland (Publishers) Ltd
Paperback / softback 32 pages

269 x 136 x 5mm
13th Oct 2011
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Men, Women & Children
United Kingdom, Great Britain
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What jobs did Anglo-Saxon people do?What was it like in an Anglo-Saxon village?How did the Anglo-Saxons use songs, poems and riddles?This book looks at the everyday lives of men, women and children in Anglo-Saxon times. Drawing on evidence the Anglo-Saxons left behind, it examines how they lived, studied, worked, played and worshipped. Go back in time and read stories about the key figures of the time, such as Alfred the Great, Kenelm, a young prince and Easwida, a girl who refused to marry.


Who were the Anglo-Saxons? Anglo-Saxon men, women and children Who was in charge in Anglo-Saxon times? What was family life like in Anglo-Saxon times? Did Anglo-Saxon children go to school? What jobs did Anglo-Saxon people do? What did Anglo-Saxon adults and children wear? How did Anglo-Saxon adults and children have fun? How important was religion for the Anglo-Saxons? Glossary Further information Index


Jane Bingham is an experienced children's author and editor. She specializes in history and contemporary issues.

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