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Hurricanes and Tornadoes Richard Spilsbury, Louise Spilsbury

Wayland (Publishers) Ltd
Paperback 48 pages

271 x 206 x 6mm
25th Mar 2010
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Natural Disasters
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NATURAL DISASTERS uses a case study approach to investigate the devastating effects of natural phenomena. Each of the 6 titles includes spectacular images and examples from LEDCs (less economically developed countries) and MEDCs (more economically developed countries) that explore the causes and impacts of recent major disasters. You will learn how people were affected and how they coped with, and recovered from, the dramatic disruption to their lives. Each title also looks at how we can prepare for and predict disasters in the future.


What is a hurricane? What is a tornado? The fastest winds on Earth Case study: Tangail Tornado, Bangladesh, 1996 Case study: Hurricane Mitch, Central America, 1996 Case study: Oklahoma Twisters, USA, 1999 Case study: Tornadoes in the UK, 2005 Case study: Hurricane Katrina, USA, 2005 Prediction and preparation Glossary Further information Index


Richard and Louise Spilsbury are experienced authors of children's books. They have written extensively on geography, the environment and natural history.

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