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Seaside Towns Nicola Barber

Wayland (Publishers) Ltd
Paperback 32 pages

246 x 218 x 3mm
13th Nov 2008
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The Geography Detective Investigates
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Pupils are encouraged to ask questions and to collect, record and analyse evidence. Contains detective work boxes that assist students in performing projects and surveys that can be done in their local area. Focus On panels provide further insight into the subject.


1. What are seaside towns? 2. How did seaside towns develop? 3. What are piers, promenades, causeways and breakwaters? 4. Who lives in seaside towns? 5. What kind of buildings can you find in seaside towns? 6. What jobs do people do in seaside towns? 7. How do people travel to seaside towns? 8. What attractions do seaside towns have? 9. What wildlife can you spot at the seaside? 10. What are the hazards of living in seaside towns? 11. How do people protect seaside towns from the sea? 12. How have people affected the seaside environment? 13. Your project


Nicola Barber is an experienced author and editor of children's non-fiction books.

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