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Light and Sound Chris Oxlade

Wayland (Publishers) Ltd
Paperback 48 pages

283 x 219 x 5mm
26th Feb 2009
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Did you know sound travels about 15 times faster through steel than in the air? Find out more awesome facts and mind-bending information in this dynamic and fascinating book on light and sound.


Introduction What is Light? Light on the Move Bouncing Light Bending Light Colours of Light Seeing Light Optical Instruments Cameras Laser Light Holograms What is Sound? Travelling Sound Pitch and Volume Silent Sounds Hearing and Speaking Acoustics and Electrical Sounds Using Sound Signals Glossary Further Information Index


Chris Oxlade, is an experienced writer of information books for children. He specializes in science and technology, and has written more than sixty titles, on subjects ranging from kites to virtual reality as well as books on various forms of transport.

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