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Alfred the Great Andrew Matthews, Peter Kent

Franklin Watts Ltd
Paperback 48 pages

198 x 130 x 4mm
11th Apr 2002
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Famous People, Famous Lives
For National Curriculum Key Stage 1
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Each title in this series tells the story of a man or woman whose dedication to their chosen cause led to changes that affect all our lives today. Each includes a vivid description of the world in which the famous person lived. This book shows how the life of this early English king is really the history of how several small kingdoms began to draw together to form what is now England. The reader learns how Alfred fought off Vikings and Danes - invaders who had grabbed land and wanted to take more - and showed them how to live in peace together. The life of Alfred - the only English king ever given the title 'Great' - is perfectly pitched against those turbulent times by means of a vivid narrative and well-drawn illustrations.


Andrew Matthews was an English teacher for many years before becoming a popular children's writer. His book, Dr Monsoon Taggert's Amazing Finishing Academy was shortlisted for the Smarties Prize 1989. He has written several books in the Sparks series for Franklin Watts.

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