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Just Imagine Music, images and text to inspire creative writing James Carter

Paperback / softback 152 pages

298 x 210 xmm
9th Dec 2011
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United Kingdom, Great Britain
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Just Imagine is an exciting, unique and versatile resource that provides teachers with practical and stimulating creative writing activities for fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Taking three different, but interconnected media by which to generate and explore creative writing - `Text and Themes', `Images' and `Music' - the book/CD offers inspiration for a wide range of creative writing workshops.The books is organised into three sections:Texts and themes: 8 theme-based sections that use a variety of texts, interview clips and discussion points to explore such topics as memories, dreams, school life, friendships, outsiders, journeys, time and the wild;Images: a gallery of photographs and illustrations in a range of styles and forms, encompassing a range of themes including characters, landscapes, events and objects;Music: a CD which features instrumental tracks and soundscapes of different styles, moods and tempos.This second edition includes three brand new tracks on the CD as well as many new images, texts and also interview clips with high profile children's authors. Sets of activities and teachers' notes accompany each of the selected pieces and stimuli throughout, all of which can be easily adapted according to the needs of individual classes.Just Imagine offers a wealth of material to help children develop confidence with their writing, deepen their understanding of the creative process and, above all, enjoy their creativity. It will appeal to Primary and Secondary English Teachers, as well as students studying on undergraduate and postgraduate initial teacher education courses in primary English/Literacy, PGCE Secondary English and Undergraduate courses in Creative Writing.


INTRODUCTION:What is creativity?'`What Writers Say About Writing'`Top Tips For Writing'TEXT & THEMES:`Writing with text'Various pieces of writing inspired by other text8 theme-based sections with text examples:MemoriesDreamsSchool LifeFriendshipsOutsidersJourneysTimeThe WildIMAGES:`Writing with images'`Gallery' sectionMUSIC`Writing with music'Specific workshop activities related to each track on the CDWord wheel 1: Genre & PlacesWord wheel 2: Scenarios & Forms of WritingGlossary 1: Forms of WritingGlossary 2: Useful Terms For WritingRecommended Books and Useful WebsitesBibliographyContributing AuthorsAcknowledgementsCOMPACT DISC


James Carter is an educational writer, INSET provider and one of the UK's most high-profile children's poets. A former lecturer in creative writing at the University of Reading, James travels all over the UK to give lively poetry performances and workshops.

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