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After Tomorrow Gillian Cross

Oxford University Press
Paperback / softback 304 pages

128 x 201 x 20mm
4th Apr 2013
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What if you woke up tomorrow and everything had changed?Money is worthless.Your friends are gone.Armed robbers roam the streets.No one is safe.Suddenly you're a refugee.After Tomorrow is an unflinchingly poignant but ultimately hopeful story from Carnegie Medal winning author Gillian Cross, exploring the struggle for survival within refugee camps.


Gillian Cross was born in 1945, and has written more than 40 books for children. In the past, she has worked in a primary school, as an assistant to a village baker, as a childminder, and as an assistant to a member of parliament. Gillian is a huge supporter of libraries, and for eight years was a member of the committee which advises government ministers about public libraries. She now lives in Dorset with her husband and family, and enjoys playing the piano,orienteering, and reading in her spare time.

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