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Falling Angels Colin Thompson, Colin Thompson

Red Fox
Paperback 32 pages

295 x 225 x 6mm
7th Feb 2002
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'The first time Sally flew was before she could even crawl. As her parents slept, she floated above them, too young to speak too young to think in words.' Sally is just a baby when she first begins to soar above her house and over the garden. Soon she sees her brother and other children floating over the rooftops. But her mother is sceptical. 'You and your ridiculous stories,' she says. 'It's time you came down to earth.' Only her grandmother believes her and every night Sally returns from another far off journey with a special present for the old lady - a butterfly, an opal, an orchid. She recalls her own travels when she was a little girl and explains that everyone has the power to fly, 'only they've forgotten how. It's called growing up.' Sally and her grandmother fly off together to a land of warm sunshine and lagoons, and as grandmother dreams of her favourite place, she draws her last breath and stays there forever. But Sally never forgets her dreams and when she has children of her own, she flies with them - to the Aztec ruins, to fields of snow and finally to the golden beach by the clear lagoon.With his intricately detailed illustrations and moving text, Colin Thompson takes the reader on a journey they will never forget.


After leaving art school, Colin Thompson went to the London school of film Technique. He worked for a while at the BBC, then moved to the Outer Hebrides where he began 20 years of self-employment ceramics. He now lives in Sydney Australia.

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