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The battle of Kupe and Te Wheke: A Maori Tale Band 13/Topaz Leoni Agnew, Fausto Bianchi, Collins Big Cat, Cliff Moon

Paperback / softback 32 pages

210 x 148 x 4mm
5th Jan 2016
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Collins Big Cat
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Find out all about how New Zealand was made in this traditional Mauri creation story. As the heroic Kupe and mythical octopus, Te Wheke, battle it out on the open seas, it's impossible to tell who'll be victorious. As the drama builds in this legend of good over evil, a new land is created, and the fascinating ancient Mauri culture is explored.Topaz/Band 13 books offer longer and more demanding reads for children to investigate and evaluate.Text type: A traditional tale from another cultureCurriculum links: English: fairy stories, myths and legends; books from other cultures and traditions


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