Liam Benjamin Zephaniah, Natalie Packer, Alan Gibbons, Dan Taylor

Collins Educational
Paperback / softback 56 pages

198 x 129 x 6mm
1st November 2012
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For National Curriculum Key Stage 3
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The photo was small. I clicked to enlarge it. It was upside down. I clicked to rotate it. Then I stopped. As I stared into the computer screen I couldn't believe what I saw.A handsome, tall black man, with very short hair, wearing a black suit. He had on a pair of those small round glasses that clever people wear, and he looked so happy.Liam's life is going well. He's done okay in his GCSEs; he's getting pretty good at playing the guitar. If he could just persuade Amy Zyskowski to go out with him, everything would be perfect.Oh, and if he could find out who his real parents are...*Help Key Stage 3 students move from Level 3a to Level 4c in reading.*Support comprehension with fascinating and contemporary illustrations.*Encourage shared and guided reading using the ready-made tasks and discussion points on the activity pages at the back of the book.

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