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Pompeii Band 06/Orange Collins Big Cat

Paperback / softback 24 pages

210 x 148 x 3mm
3rd Sep 2012
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Collins Big Cat
For National Curriculum Key Stage 1
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When the volcano Vesuvius erupted 2,000 years ago, the city of Pompeii disappeared under the ash. Four hundred years ago, Pompeii was rediscovered. The ash had preserved Pompeii so well that buildings, mosaics, statues and other artefacts have survived to the present day. So step back in time and discover what life was like in the Roman times.* Orange/Band 6 books offer varied text and characters, with action sustained over several pages.* Text type: An information book* Pages 22 and 23 show a timeline of events, from eruption to discovering the lost city in the present day, allowing children to recap and discuss.* Curriculum links: History: What were homes like a long time ago?

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