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Pet Detectives: Tortoise Trouble Band 08/Purple Jana Hunter, Kim Blundell, Cliff Moon, Collins Big Cat

Paperback / softback 24 pages

210 x 170 x 2mm
5th Jan 2005
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Collins Big Cat
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The Pet Detective faces a special challenge when Kara's pet tortoise, Rocket, goes missing. Has the tortoise been squashed on a motorway? Eaten by a hungry goat? Chewed up by a dog? The Pet Detective follows the clues to find out what's happened.* Purple/ Band 8 books offer developing readers literary language, with some challenging vocabulary.* Text type - A story by the same author.* A final double page spread shows all the things a Pet Detective needs on a case to support recapping the story.* Curriculum links - Science: Plants and animals in the local environment.* Tortoise Trouble is one of two stories by Jana Hunter about the Pet Detective* This book has been levelled for Reading Recovery.


Adrian Bradbury was born in Manchester and worked as a PE teacher before moving overseas to teach English in Europe, the Middle East and Far East. After returning to England he worked as Deputy Head in three schools and now divides his time between teaching and writing. As well as writing educational materials for HarperCollins and other publishers, he also writes humorous football books for children. His hobbies include playing the piano and all sports.

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