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Were They Real? Band 08/Purple Scoular Anderson, Collins Big Cat, Cliff Moon, Scoular Anderson

Paperback / softback 24 pages

192 x 265 x 2mm
5th Jan 2005
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Collins Big Cat
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An information book about the celebrated historical and fictional characters Cleopatra, Boudica, King Arthur, Robin Hood, the Pied Piper, Pocahontas, Blackbeard, Dracula and Tarzan. The book investigates which of them really existed, and which are based on legend.* Purple/ Band 8 books offer developing readers literary language, with some challenging vocabulary.* Text type - An information book.* An index and a glossary are included on pages 22 and 23 to aid comprehension.* Curriculum links - History: Why do we remember great people? How do we know about great events?* This book has been levelled for Reading Recovery.


Scoular Anderson lives in a house in Argyll, Scotland. He spends lots of time looking at the passing ships rather than getting on with his work. The cat and the dog often come to sleep in his studio because it's the warmest room in the house. Scoular likes writing books which are funny or make the reader learn something. He has written and illustrated about 80 books. He likes drawing dogs and castles but is not too keen on bicycles because they stick out at strange angles.

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