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Percy and the Badger Band 04/Blue Nick Butterworth, Cliff Moon, Collins Big Cat, Nick Butterworth

Paperback / softback 16 pages

210 x 170 x 3mm
5th Jan 2005
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Collins Big Cat
For National Curriculum Key Stage 1
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Nick Butterworth's well known and much loved character Percy the Park Keeper stars in this beautifully told story for early readers. Percy tries to persuade a reluctant Badger to take a bath. Badger doesn't want to, so Percy takes a bath instead - only to find he has some unexpected comapany when Badger falls in the water with him!* Blue/Band 4 books offer longer, repeated patterns withsequential events and integrated literary andnatural language.* Text type - A story with a familiar setting.* A storyboard on pages 14 and 15 provides children with the opportunity to retell the story in their own words.* Curriculum links - Geography: our local area; Citizenship: animals and us.* This book has been levelled for Reading Recovery.


Nick Butterworth is the author of many internationally acclaimed children's books including `Jingle Bells', `QPootle5', `Tiger' and `The Whisperer' which won the Gold Award at the Nestle Book Awards. He is best known for his stories about Percy the Park Keeper. Nick has also presented children's stories on television, created a cartoon strip for The Sunday Express Magazine and worked for major graphic design consultancies. He has two grown-up children, and lives with his wife in Suffolk.

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